Wiston Lodge live-build by Strathclyde students

Year 1 students from Strathclyde University recently completed a live-build at Wiston Lodge.

The project saw groups of ten working together to realise a small shelter, which had been designed by one of their peers.  Upon inheriting the design each team had two weeks to develop detailed proposals, prototype ideas and pre-fabricate key elements.  Construction materials were limited to OSB, rope, willow and untreated logs; forcing the students to consider the different properties of each material carefully.  The challenge was heightened by each team having only one day on-site to construct the final shelter.

By the end of the process there were ten completed structures and an army of tired, if satisfied, students.  Photos of all completed projects can be seen on an Urban Realm article.

The project was expertly run by Derek Hill, Year 1 co-ordinator at Strathclyde.  Part of his team included Tog Fellows Micheal and Helen (Year 1 tutors), with support from David, Scott and Emily.

If you are a student looking for this type of hands-on experience then why not apply to be part of the team that wills build the Tog 2014 Boathouse on the Isle of Tiree next June?