Visit to Ghost Lab in Nova Scotia

‘The Ghost Lab’ has long inspired Tog Studio as a model for teaching ‘hands on’ architecture and for producing contemporary architecture which is suited to wild, rural climates. This is usually held over a fortnight on the Nova Scotian farm of internationally acclaimed architect Brian McKay-Lyons. Typically, students design in the first week and build something in the second week and successive ‘labs’ over the years has resulted in a collection of timber pavilions, viewing platforms, cow sheds, boat houses and different levels of accommodation across the farm.

In 2011, Brian and the team from MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects hosted a gathering of like-minded practitioners, students and academics at a conference entitled ‘Ghost 13: Ideas in Things’. Lynne Cox and Micheal Holliday, both of Tog Studio, were delighted to attend and as it turned out, to be the only participants who had travelled from Europe.
An article of their experiences, written by Lynne, originally published by Architecture + Design Scotland, can be seen here.

Please see below for another article on our visit