Tog project sharing afternoon

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first project sharing afternoon!  What a great breadth of discussion we had from all of the Tog fellows and friends who attended.  Particular thanks go to Tog Fellows Ruairidh Moir, Helen Campbell, Sebb Hathaway, Michael MacFarlane, Douglas Walker, David Wylie, and Scott Simpson who shared their current work with the group.  Thank you to Dan and Angus who also came along to share their research into craft and architecture.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to follow up on conversations that began on site and carry out some valuable creative brainstorming on a broad range of architectural subjects.  The projects ranged from urban cinemas, to the archiving of the internet, to fish markets in Lisbon and restoring cities torn apart by conflict.  The Tog Team also reported back to the group on their current and future endeavors.

Following the success of this event it is likely that there will be future gatherings.

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Special thank you to Ruairidh Moir for allowing us to feature an image from his presentation of his winning entry to the Scenic Routes competition.