Tog 2014 Participants Announced!

We are delighted to announce the members of this year’s boathouse-building team will be:


The Tog Studio Team are looking forward to working with all of this year’s participants and we are sure this diverse team of people will have a great time on site in June!

The pre-fabrication sessions will be kicking off this weekend in Glasgow beginning with an introduction to the digital fabrication equipment we have been using in MAKLab.  Lynne, Micheal and Richard want to say a huge thank you to Bruce Newlands, Richard Clifford and Matt Paton who have generously provided Tog Studio with access to MAKLab’s machines and facilities for this project (including the CNC router pictured above).

Tog Studio are thrilled that members from the Tog Community will also be getting involved in the pre-fabrication sessions over the weekend and next week.

We look forward to catching up with: