Tog 2013 Reunion

Tog Studio would like to say a big thank you to the new members of the Tog community who organised a reunion for all Tog participants at the MAKlab.

A highlight of the evening was a preview screening of this year’s marvelous Boathouse film produced by Luke and Simon of the Edinburgh Film Company.  The Boathouse film is now online for the world to see via the film section of the Tog Studio website.  Please let us know what you think!

The gathering was a terrific opportunity to reflect on how far Tog has come in year, and discuss where it could go next. Participants from both Tiree live-build projects were brought together to mix and share stories about their experiences.

The evening was also a platform for Tog 2012 participant Ruairidh Moir to present his ‘Collective Solitude‘ thesis project which highlights the forgotten frontier island of Rona.  Several Tog 2013 participants have since traveled to northern tip of the Isle of Lewis to help Ruairidh deliver an architectural intervention as part of his work.

Tog Studio are immensely grateful to all participants who have taken the plunge and got involved in our live-build projects.  Tog Studio will endeavor to maintain a dialogue with the emerging Tog community.  We hope to uncover opportunities for future collaboration and for the sharing of work and ideas as we all move forward in our careers.  Watch this space.