Richard, a chartered structural engineer based in Glasgow is a co-founder of Tog Studio; he passionately believes that through a close collaboration between architect, engineer and builder there is the opportunity to achieve truly amazing results.

Richard is keen to work on design and self-build projects which provide opportunities for people to learn new skills and build confidence by getting their hands dirty.  He is particularly interested in how such skills and confidence can empower disadvantaged members of society.

Richard likes to explore designs that incorporate traditional approaches from both self-build and prefabricated building systems combined with modern methods of construction to provide a holistic solution.


Micheal, a chartered architect from the Isle of Tiree who lives in Glasgow is another of the co-founders of Tog Studio.  Micheal was inspired to be part of the team who founded Tog as a reaction to the frustration of his studio-based formal architectural education.

His experience of running an architecture practice, Roots Design Workshop, gives him first-hand experience of managing a variety of design and construction projects; yet he feels there is often still a disconnection between the act of designing and making.  Tog Studio gives Micheal an opportunity to be hands-on during the construction process, thus informing how he designs and practices.

Micheal hopes to close the loop between design, construction and education by sharing these experiences with students and recent graduates.


Lynne co-founded Tog through her belief that practical on-site experiences enrichen an understanding of the craft of building and appreciation of the collaborative processes involved in successful construction projects.

Seeing a connection between architectural training and entrepreneurship Lynne, was selected to join the Saltire Fellowship in 2012, an education programme to train Scotland’s next generation of business leaders.  After studying at the Babson College in Boston, Lynne is now working with architect Neil Sutherland at MAKAR Construction, a growing off-site fabrication business specialising in use of Scottish timber.

Lynne believes that great potential resides in young architects and engineers who wish to expand their knowledge and test their ideas to create change in the world around them.  Lynne hopes that Tog will inspire and become a medium for empowering this young talent to make a positive impact on the quality of our future buildings in Scotland.

The team are supported by a wider team full of ideas, enthusiasm and experience. This includes:
  • Duncan RobertsArchitect & Walter Segal Self-Build Trust
  • Jo Murphy - Architectural Designer & Small Projects Contractor
  • Bruce Newlands - Architect, Kraft Architecture & Founder of MAKLab
  • Ruairidh MoirPart II Architectural Assistant, Coltart Earley
  • David WyllieMasters of Architecture Student, University of Strathclyde
  • Emily StephenMasters of Architecture Student, University of Strathclyde
  • Scott SimpsonMasters of Architecture Student, University of Strathclyde
  • Sebb HathawayMasters of Architecture Student, ESALA

Tog Studio was founded by Richard Campbell, Micheal Holliday, Lynne Cox and Chris Hall in 2011.