2013 Sitooterie

Tog Studio delivered a flexible external seating area called a ‘Sitooterie’ in April 2013 with the service users of the Salvation Army LifeHouse at Ferry Road in Edinburgh.

Tog Studio hosted a series of design workshops over the last year with residents and staff from the Salvation Army who helped site and design the outdoor pavilion, located in the gardens of the Ashbrook LifeHouse.

The design aims to create a flexible space, which can be used for a variety of purposes taking advantage of the excellent garden site.  The structure will provide an area to sit and enjoy the gardens and will also act as a covered space for BBQ’s, outdoor shows and other group activities and is positioned to ‘frame’ the view of a monkey puzzle tree which is rumoured to have been planted by Queen Victoria.

The structure utilises a prefabricated ply box portal system, which was fabricated with the help of MAKLab. The frames of the structure are supported on simple paving slab footings and are clad in the BSW Rustic Range larch cladding and decking providing a partial enclosed space.

Tog Studio would like to thank Malcolm, Alan, Andy, John, Kev and Mario from the Salvation Army for their warm welcome, hard work and genuine friendship during the build.

A film showing the build in action can be seen here.


The Salvation Army

RSA Catalyst fund

BSW Timber


Dickies UK

Photos by Neil Boyd and The Edinburgh Film Company

Date: January 13, 2013